Hello! My name is Andy Aubin and I am a Running Coach.

I believe that running can change your life.

Actually, I believe that YOU can change your life, and that running can be a key component and pathway to that change.
(Spoiler Alert: it’s not JUST the running itself, but the so many other things that running leads you to that add up to the whole change)

I hold this belief very strongly, primarily because I am the beneficiary of this type of change myself. If you met me a few years ago you’d have found a loud, boisterous guy who loves his family and friends, who just happened to weigh 328 pounds. When you meet me now, you will find the same loud, boisterous guy who loves his family and friends, but now weighing in around 200 pounds and an avid runner. Aside from the weight: The main difference is that you will also now meet a guy who is full of hope and the firm belief that nothing is off the table. Not to say it will be  free or easy, but if you are willing to put in the work the change is real. And more often than not, if you are willing to put in the work, you will not be alone. Support can come from so many places, and oftentimes those places are not from where you expected.

That’s exactly why Silver Fox Athletics exists, actually.

For a little bit about my background, what I’m talking about, and why I want to help you, please check out my story HERE.