About Coach Andy

The quick version of my story is that I found myself as a man in my mid 30’s, dangerously overweight yet newly motivated to really dedicate myself and make the changes to lose the weight, get fit, and really change my life. In order to ensure it happened, I took my goals and just put them out there to my family and friends, told everyone who would listen. As an extension of that, I created an online blog to keep said friends and family apprised of my progress. What was originally intended to be a resource for a handful of people grew into something bigger than I could have ever imagined, and support poured in from distant friends, casual acquaintances, even complete strangers. While I didn’t have a coach or guide to work myself through the process, I did have this overwhelming feeling of support to carry me when I really needed it, and that really fueled my success. I have a very strong desire to now turn around and return the favor: put back out there that support, that motivation, that positivity. I want to put that all together with the first-hand experience and technical knowledge to help others make similar changes.

In my personal running career, I’ve been able to increase my overall fitness and improve my running times and personal records continually by training with a plan, working hard and running smart- all while having to balance real life at the same time. It’s what I like to call “real life running”, pursuing this running endeavor that you take seriously while balancing everything else: in my case, that meant two small children, a marriage, a full time job, and an executive director role in a very active, 6,000+ member online running community- and all the associated stress, chaos, shifting priorities, & demands that required. 

I want to give the beginners all the advantages that I wish I had when I started. Someone who has been there, understands what it takes as a new runner, and has the knowledge to help you achieve your goals. Someone who knows the process and challenges, what it really takes and what you are capable of.

And I want to give the more seasoned runners exactly what I feel is lacking in the run coaching market today,  dedicated resource with a focus on the middle of the pack & back of the pack runner. Someone who understands that even though you may not be winning races or age group awards, you are just as serious about your running and place just as high a priority on getting the most out of yourself and improving to hit your goals as any elite level runner.



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