“Coach Andy has helped hold me accountable to MYSELF and my own goals. The workouts are tough, but not so tough that I hate them and want to quit, because after I am done, I feel like a badass. He is also awesome about adjusting things when life happens — sick kid, traveling for work, whatever it is he helps me figure out the next step. When I don’t feel like running, I remember how he believes I can hit my goals and that gives me the push I need to get out the door and continue to lace up. I have big goals, but I feel like I’m in the BEST position to hit them with his help and guidance.

this photo was after my first triathlon. I felt like a REAL athlete. That’s the joy I find in this sport.”




“As a coached athlete, I feel like I have had a great experience with Coach Andy!  While I have tended to race a lot in the past, Coach Andy and I have worked together to create a plan that makes sense to achieve my short and long-term goals.

I love that Coach Andy is available to talk when I have questions or even just to check in. Anytime I have needed to move around workouts, he has worked to make it possible for me to still get in the work that needs to happen.

I ran my fastest half marathon in two years this Spring, and then 3 weeks later I set a PR in the 10-mile distance! Thanks to my training, I felt strong and confident the entire way, and ran two of the smartest races I have ever done while doing so!”




“I’ve never had a formal plan. Why would a big guy like me who was super slow need a plan from a coach? I’ll just use free Internet plans and hope for the best.

I was wrong. People like me need a customized plan from coach like Andy as much, if not more, as anyone. Andy took to the time to understand my goals. He added me to the Silver Fox group. He checked in and encouraged me along the way. When something went wrong, he helped adjust the plan and calm down. The group support only made the experience better.

Come race day, I was ready. Readier than I’ve ever been or even thought possible. I beat my goal by a ton and got a huge PR – beating my 12-year-old time by 21 minutes! As you can tell, I highly recommend a customized plan from Andy and Silver Fox Athletics!”

I asked some of my current athletes for their quick impression of what their experiences have been with Silver Fox…this is what they had to say.